Looking for a gift?

No problem, we offer a wide rage of high-quality gifts for any occasion from birthdays and weddings to baby shower.

Finding a gift can sometimes become “mission impossible” that’s why choose something different.

We are a small business based in Hertfordshire, UK and we create unique gifts personalised for any occasion.

M&A Printed Gifts it’s an online shop with a various selection of customizable gifts like clothing’s, candles, mugs, toys and many more, that can be personalized.

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Why personalised gifts?

Because personalised gifts are not something you picked up, is not just another gift, it’s a gift that can treasure forever, unique with a back story and memorable.

We, Mihai and Andreea, are a married young couple, and we want to create memories from every gifts you buy for yourself or your loved ones.

Our story was born from a spirit of love, creativity, dedication, and independence, to create a business, to do what we enjoy the most, and create beautiful items for our customers. We have over 10 years of experience with customers, knowing how important it is for them to be satisfied with the product they buy.

If you want to create your own style, just contact us! We always take the time to understand our clients’ needs